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Human Development

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Understand yourself and your role in the world.

Branson’s Human Development program teaches students the interpersonal and self-management skills needed to navigate a diverse and changing world, and to make informed decisions that benefit themselves and others, so they can evolve into kind, curious, and self-aware young adults. By providing accurate and relevant information in a nonjudgmental, socially sensitive way, we create safe spaces to have uncomfortable conversations about real-life situations where students cultivate their personal agency, gain a deeper awareness of their role in the community, and learn to foster healthy relationships of all kinds.

Human Development Requirements

3 units (2 years)

All students take The Developing Mind in the ninth grade and Healthy Sexuality in the tenth grade, both year-long courses.

Meet Our Human Development Faculty

Noelle Anderson

Noelle Anderson

Visual Arts Teacher; Human Development Teacher
Arthur Lee

Arthur Lee

Director of Human Development and Wellness
Gisella Petrone

Gisella Petrone

Italian Teacher; Class Dean; Human Development Teacher

Required Courses

  • The Developing Mind
  • Healthy Sexuality

For a complete list of Human Development courses and their descriptions, read the 2023-24 Curriculum Guide. 

Branson Curriculum Guide

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